Geanna Koulouris

Miss New York Teen USA 2021


Nineteen-year-old Geanna Koulouris is from Long Island, New York. A product of New York’s “melting pot,” she was born in Manhattan and is the daughter of Greek immigrants from Greece and Australia. Raised in a home with both Greek and English as her first languages, she balanced regular school while also attending an afternoon Greek School for eight years. She also trained in Greek dance from the age of four. Geanna has performed numerous times with both of the dance groups she’s been a part of and, most notably, performed at halftime for the New York Cosmos twice.

Geanna graduated as a varsity athlete, UCA All-American Cheerleader, and a member of three national honor societies from Bethpage High school at the start of the pandemic; however, she didn’t let that stop her from continuing on her journey to help students like her. She is now entering her second year of college where she is majoring in English Literature and Education, with a minor in Biology. She chose teaching because she was inspired by some of her very own teachers. She has witnessed the positive impact one good teacher can make in the lives’ of students and she hopes to be that positive light for teens in the future. During her breaks from college, she works as a substitute aide in two different school districts, gaining hands-on experience.. One day Geanna aspires to attend graduate school at Columbia University Teachers College and work her way up to become a high school principal, but for now she’s honored to be serving as your Miss New York Teen USA 2021.

As a future educator and a current titleholder, she’s ready to promote positivity in schools. In a world often fueled by hate, spreading positivity is more important than ever. She was an active member of the SADD club throughout middle school and high school where she started a positive post-it initiative back in 2016, hand-writing post-its with uplifting messages to put up throughout the school. This, along with her past of being bullied, inspired her to start her current platform, On A Positive Note, to share notes of positivity through social media and in schools aiming to turn it into an everyday habit.